“Tell me everything good”

The love that I have endured on this campus from the group of wanderers that God has so sweetly placed in my presence fills my pallet with a unique and unparalleled flavor

The aroma that I associate with these blessings is incomparable…like a warm hug or light nudge from the crispest winter breezes

should I dare to step deeper into this realm of emotion or scurry away for the time being

“Why not go deeper.

embrace it while it’s there”

ahh like an embrace from a newborn entangling its innocent fingers in your hair, that’s how consumed I am with the Grace that is my Lord

My fears and inconsistencies scream for me to jerk away and cause pain but His shallow whisper has silenced my restless heart in the darkest of hours

Humbled time in and time out, I wish I demonstrated how grateful I am in more depth

I can be absorbed with my own insecurities and flaws, ignoring this comprehensive beauty that my Savior wants me to reach out and hold onto…

I just Want To praise and Thank God for this Community that he has blessed me with. I prayed for friends but God took my misguided yearnings and provided ten fold and I pray that they fully understand the impact of the impressions that they have placed on my heart in just two short months…

Thats all for now…By Grace Through Faith

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