A grim child shuffles away from his would be sister’s grave

His head bent and humbled as he kicks along a pebble

Horrendous is this pain

That causes a boy to want to cease

Living and trying. Becoming more or less blank

An experience that has corrupted his faith.

Shrouding his faith

In misery. Buried-alive in a self-made grave

A once jubilant face is now grim and blank

Emotions confined to the size of a pebble

Striving and working towards exhaustion to cease

This ripping and heart-wrenching pain.

In his horror, imaginary screams of pain

Echo and rebound through a soul filled with faith

Built on guilt. Selfish cravings made him want it to cease

He wanted his attention, but the cost was too grave.

His wishes he attained, but the toll leaves him as a pebble

Small, hard, cold, separated and blank.

Family and friends looked down upon a blank

Space. Even when bruised, bleeding or in pain

This young boy was kicked aside like a pebble

In this new child is where everyone placed their faith

Ignorance compelled him to pray an unborn baby into an early grave.

Onlookers know the emptiness of abandonment doesn’t want to cease.

If he were to confide his deed all relationships would cease

His mother’s once brilliant brown eyes are now gray and blank

In her salty pools lies the reflection of a tiny headstone and grave

He wants to speak but in her pain

The boy knows that even with her burning and awing faith

She seeks retribution. What is lost returned in exchange for a pebble.

The gawking boy at her feet is this pebble.

If only this dizzying and spinning world would cease

Then maybe it wouldn’t be such a leap in faith

To push on. Especially, when her son looks so drawn and blank.

She gathers reserves and ignores the pain

She gently scoops into her bosom, that young and grave

Boy. Color fills the solemn and blank face as his faith

Is restored. Their tears unite and pain begins to cease.

Hand in hand they walk to the grave and upon it he places his pebble.

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