Indecisive Me.

For those of you who actually follow my blog and were following my 30 days of writing, I have to enter my apology letter here. I ran into more road bumps on that journey than I could have ever imagined. Broken laptop, Broken Internet, Broken phone, No Internet, moving, working late night. There will always be an excuse we can come up with, I know that better than many others. I got through over half of the challenge, but I do believe I wrote 30 days worth of material, just most of it did not end up on this blog.

Nonetheless. I am not about to quit writing. I learned a lot through that experience. Mainly I was reminded that volume will never indicate quality. Not in the writing world.

What I want to talk about today is indecision. All of us have experienced it. If you truly care about yourself or others then you have surely come up against the wall of “What the heck do I do next”

Whether it is about taking a new job, or moving, or choosing a college. Have a third baby or not. Adopt a puppy or a cat. Rent an apartment or buy a house. Go on a missions trip for the summer or take summer classes.

I bet I nailed at least one of you.

We are always constantly making decisions. For some of us choosing between cereal or eggs in the morning is easier. For me, just this morning I couldn’t decide. Both had such upside. One took more energy and my stomach would have to wait longer but I believed I would be more satisfied with the eggs.

I am glad I chose the eggs for many reasons. One it made me work a little harder, which made me more awake in the morning and made me feel more productive. I received blessings from making eggs instead of taking the easier option of having cereal. Isn’t that crazy?

The point I am trying to make right here is that indecision is not inherently bad. It means you care enough to worry, it does not make you weak or less prepared. It doesn’t even mean that you do not know what you want. It means you care and understand that there will be consequences from any choice you make. Even making breakfast in the morning will yield consequences that can affect the rest of your day. You know that I am not stretching the truth here, just think about it in your own life.

For those of you faced with some big life decisions (as I am currently) lets scale them down to the size of eggs. Let’s pretend for a minute that they won’t set in motion the next five to ten years of your life. Lets pretend they are eggs. Or french toast. Whatever your breakfast indulgence may be.

My decisions are pretty equal choices. One would be an omelet and the other is french toast with sausage on the side. Both sound great. Both have upside. Both have downside. Both will satisfy me. Both sound great. Now what?

Well I do not have an answer for you or me on that. What I can say is, learn something new.

The only time indecision is truly bad is when it induces fear. When it overwhelms you so much that you find yourself paralyzed. That is when it is bad. And that is a waste of time and energy. Some times you do not know what the right thing to do is, but every time after a certain period of time has passed, you have and will continue to make a decision. Even if it is to do nothing at all.

I have skipped many breakfasts before because I couldn’t decide or motivate myself enough either way.

What I think you need to choose to do is find out what you can learn about yourself during the decision process. Allow the process to teach you what is most important to you. Let it point out flaws that need fixing. Do you make all of your decisions based on other people’s’ reactions or approvals? Do you decide to do things just because other people think it is right for you? Do you do what makes you truly happy and fills you with passion?

Do not let your indecision paralyze you. Let it teach you about you. I promise those lessons are invaluable and will lead you to the decision you will never regret.

Plus if God is on your side, there is no choice you can make that He cannot make good. So that is beyond good.

And also, don’t forget to pray. Talk with God. Let Him teach you something through it all.

Much Love



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