30 Days of Writing: Day Sixteen

Day 16.

It seems everything has gotten in the way of me writing for thirty days straight. First my internet stopped working last week, then this weekend my charger stopped charging my laptop. Then as soon as I got that problem fixed I got violently sick. So much so that I am clenching my whole body as I type on this illuminated screen. For some reason the light is making me exceptionally nauseous.

But I am not pushing myself to write today so I can fill my readers eyes with garbage excuses.

I think I would like to talk about overcoming obstacles. I talked a little bit about fear as an obstacle a few posts ago, but this time I want to talk about an inner fire that helps us overcome the seeming impossible.

I have been in countless situations over my life that have left me feeling like an invalid and completely unable. Situations that others claim they would never have the fortitude to overcome. Well here is one of the first lessons in overcoming challenges and obstacles… I started writing this blog two days ago, but I had mentioned I have been very very sick. I had to stop, but here I am two days later still pushing to overcome.

Resilience. It is something some people are born with, others have to learn it. Either way it isn’t my favorite characteristic. Why? Because it means there is a circumstance in your life or my life that we have had to be resilient with. That usually means failure or hurt. Those are never fun things. But overcoming. Not that is fun.

Something that may help is that you may want to think about obstacles as a work out. When you set goals for weight lifting, you do not set goals for what you can already do, right? You set goals for where you want to be, who you want to be. It takes growth and learning to become that person or do that activity, because if it didn’t you would be doing it right now as we speak.

I want to be a full-time author and speaker. I have tons of obstacles between me and that goal. Honestly I would be stupid to say I was ready right at this very moment to be in midst my dream. I know I need to grow, I know I need to overcome and test the waters. That is part of the reason I am doing this 30 day writing challenge, which has quickly become much longer since I have days to catch up on from many different obstacles and challenges in the last couple of weeks. But I do not give up. I know what my goal is. 30 days of writing. No one is going to stop me from accomplishing that.

I do not care how many days I miss I am going to finish my goal and hopefully surpass it.

A close friend of mine just shared a sentiment with me about overcoming challenges. He said sometimes we cannot overcome something until we have no choice but to overcome. That at some points in life when we are completely in the dark and we cannot see anything around us, but know we much move to survive. That jump, that leap of faith we take in any direction is us overcoming the seemingly impossible.

When you are faced with an obstacle that you believe you cannot overcome do you let your heart take over? Do you relinquish your fears and say, hell I am doing this or I am doing nothing? I have had to do that most of my life, it is drastic but sometimes it is more real than we realize.

No matter how dark your situation may seem. Do not count yourself out. When you are faced with life or death. Choose life. Battle on. Continue to grow and learn. And when you have that breakthrough. Let me know, I look forward to celebrating with you.

Much Love.


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