30 Days of Writing: Day Three

Day 3.

Today I am going back to the blogging route for this 30 days of writing challenge. As of right now I am only writing what I am challenged with, but over the next couple of days I want to get back in gear so that I can easily work on several different projects at once. Writing is a muscle. I am sure you have heard it before, but it has to be exercised. You have to practice. You have to write something crappy some times so you can eventually write gold. Lots of cliches.

Something I want to point out, though, any good gym rat will understand. When you swim in a pool for exercise you do not just work your arms or legs. In fact you are working muscles you normally do not even think to move. Swimming is one of those activities that works almost your entire body. It is all encompassing. So much so that it is not just easier to swim the next time you get in the pool, but it is easier to walk/run/lift weights and so on. Professional swimmers can swim better than anyone else, but because of their sport they can do a ton of other activities pretty fantastically. Granted this can be said about a lot of sports, but that is not my point.

I chose swimming just now because it is something you have to literally submerge yourself into. For me writing is the same. I am going into this 30 day writing challenge submerging myself into words. I am holding my breath and dunking my head in to the deep.

Writing, like swimming, does not just work my fingers or even just my creative mind. In fact writing, for me, works out my spirit, my heart, my intelligence, my relationships and my dreams. It helps me with self control and discipline in other areas of my life and it moves my heart and spirit onto grandeur dreams and passions that spur on my future.

Writing is my gateway drug. It opens up my senses to a world so much brighter, so much more real than I can physically experience.

So beyond practicing my craft and having fun stringing together phrases, metaphors and alliteration I am practicing life. That sounds weird, but it is true. I never feel as healthy as when I am writing frequently. But now I’m crossing over from blog to journal. So back to the topic at hand.

What is your swimming? What activity stretches you? Is it something you love? Is it a talent that you have? I’d say that each person has multiple activities that make them feel more alive.

A better questions is: how have you felt when you have stopped this activity? Have you felt atrophy in your life? Has your heart become colder? Your mind duller? Your eyes dimmer?

So what is stopping you from getting back in the game and exercising those muscles? What is stopping you from living life to its fullest?

For me it is fear, anxiety and uncontrollable circumstance. I put my life on hold during those things. If its bad enough, I atrophy into apathy. Don’t do that.

The activity that gives you life, probably gives you life…because you are meant to use it to give life to someone else. Don’t atrophy into apathy. Someone somewhere needs you to be as fit and in shape as you can be.

Much Love



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