Dripping Newness

I regretfully admit that I have not written anything in over two months. I have journaled here and there, but the love of writing has been more or less squeezed out of me during my final semester in college. The passion I held so dearly was distorted and kind of crushed. So goes the life of someone majoring in creative writing. I lost it this semester for a lot of reasons. I mean the last time that I typed on here was while I was in Colorado for Spring Break. If you know me well you know that I had a heck of a last semester in college. And by “heck of” I mean exhausting, demanding, and over committed. Easily the most spiritually dead I have been in the four years of my time in college. That is incredibly heartbreaking to admit….

After I wrote that last line, something changed in me. I let hours go by before I continued writing. But now I am about to finish this blog. And here is what I have to say.

God is good, God does not just renew. He makes you NEW. Valleys suck. They really really do. But seasons change. I am declaring right now here on this blog. That I am now entering the most spiritually prosperous season of my life. I am saying that with all of the confidence and hope I have in me. Which as of this morning was non-existent. And is right now pouring out of me like cistern outside in an intense thunder storm.

Everything is so new. Every thing is so different.

I am about to find out what it means to be a new creature. I am beyond excited and I cannot be happier than to share it with all of my readers.

God is faithful and what ever valley you may be in. Realize that the sky is so much higher when looking up.

Your potential is endless. Your beauty is consuming. When you are living in the light of Christ.

Much Love.



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