Maybe Its Just Me?

One thing that I never want to be is a person so caught up in their own life they somehow forget about the rest of the world.

You may not think it, but this is a major pitfall of American Christianity today. And well, while I am at it I better also make the claim that there is also a major pitfall of becoming too obsessed with doing for others that you are run aground and lacking in true love. (See 1 Corinthians 13)

Ok so let me clarify. Well, before I do that. I need a wet nap or something for my keyboard. I have spilled hot chocolate and cranberry juice on it in the last few days… Its all sticky. Gross.

Okay back to what I am writing about today:

I am very afraid of my walk with Christ just becoming a walk down an empty road with my eyes fixated on the cobble stones, deathly afraid to step on any cracks. I hope that paints the picture that I am attempting to portray.

I wonder if sometimes we in the church, in our ignorance and clouded perceptions spend FAR too much time focused on our “spiritual development” we spend too much time obsessing over our short comings. With statements like, “I just have to go thiiiiiis long with out screwing up, then I can serve Christ”

I have heard it too many times to count. I have said it myself in similar ways.

Maybe I am the only one, but I am terrified of becoming so consumed with MYSELF that I forget about every one else and my commissioning, my mission and my purpose.

Sometimes it isnt manifested in a way like above. Sometimes you will catch someone obsessing over their next step in life. Those people are called planners. And I am one of them. This is a particular worry of mine and maybe of yours too. I will spend COUNTLESS hours praying for myself. I did it earlier today.

Dear God, give me clarity about my next steps in life, tell me, speak to me, can you hear me, me, me me me.

Now I am exaggerating but I am trying to make a point.

It is OKAY to focus on your spiritual welfare. It is better than OKAY. You have to! Christ brings us into an INTIMATE and PERSONAL relationship. So pray for discernment, for clarity and favor. But DO NOT!

I repeat, DO NOT!

Do not Forget about your divine purpose and calling. It may not seem like you are worthy of God’s calling to be one of His saints and share the Gospel of Truth and Love, but I promise you God calls those perceived by the world to be lowly, to lead and change lives.

Holiness is no amount of days doing it “right” Holiness is seeking after God with all you are and emulating His son. You can do this in your brokenness. Actually, no, YOU HAVE TO do this in your BROKENNESS.

That’s how it works friends.

So pray on. And know your mission and purpose.

Make disciples of all the world. Now, go and do! Love. Change the world.

Much Love


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