Typical Matt

I write my best blogs when I have five hundred and one papers to write. I can never seem to send my blog writing inspiration to my responsibilities. Oh well, here we go.

I am going to talk briefly about patience tonight. That’s right, the thing I sometimes struggle with more than anything else.

Also my inspiration behind this post is “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons. I have no idea why God has spoken so often and deeply into my life through their lyrics, but he continues to do so, so I hope they continue to write music.

God tells us that through His Spirit we will be clothed in Patience. This is convicting to me because I am so often working three steps ahead on all avenues and prospects in my life. I am always planning my next step, I am always looking for the answers to my problems and whats worse my potential problems that do not even exist yet. I feel like my life is in disarray if I am not in control of where it is headed.

But there it is. If I am not in control I go crazy. Ill cut myself a little slack and share with you the reason I try and control my life at every turn. It is because for the majority of my life, my circumstance has controlled my life. Being disabled is a huge part of this. Not being able to physically do makes you dependent on others and dependency removes control. I hate having to be dependent sometimes, I just want to go shopping when I want, I just want to do what I want when I want. And it really really stinks sometimes to have to be dependent on others. And dependency does not just mean giving up control it means giving up a time table sometimes.

I have had many many situations where I had to wait for a friend to bring something to me or help me up before I can do what I desired. I HATE these situations. Its not like you can get mad at a friend, who cares deeply for you, for being late to HELP YOU. Those are the moments where I’m like, well, crap… I can’t be angry with them so I guess I just have to shut up and pray for patience.

Sometimes God promises us something, but leaves us with no time table. He just asks that we humbly wait on Him. He promises, though and God is not in the business of breaking promises. I tend to find it okay to get angry or frustrated with God in these moments. That my friends is wrong on my part. BIG TIME.

Recently God has promised several Big, Big, Big things to me in regards to relationships, vocation, ministry and direction. In almost all of these things He has clearly said to me, wait on me. Pursue me. Search me deeper. Worry not about these promises. They are coming, but you are not entirely ready yet.

Part of me wants to say well dang God why would you promise me such amazing things, why would you tell me what they are and then LEAVE ME WAITING.

Here is the Truth, in my situation at least, God desires my trust in Him. He desires my dependence. And whats more, these things that He has promised are far beyond my own ability to achieve. That’s why I know they are real. That’s why I know they are promises from God. Because I never ever ever pursue things to far beyond my limitations. And these things…. sheesh. Unachievable. Well, that is for me. For God they are pie.

So while He is asking me to wait on Him He is offering to clothe me in patience. He wants us all to take hold of the Fruits of His Spirit. Patience being one. And there is another that I believe goes hand in hand with patience. That is Peace.

God offers a peace that surpasses all human comprehension. A peace about circumstance and in my case, a peace about unattainable promises, that surpasses our understanding.

I guess the crux of my post here is that God is not leaving us when He calls us to wait and rely on His Peace and Patience. HE wouldn’t be supplying us with Peace and Patience if He were leaving us. If you are being asked to wait for something the chances are God has some big and BEAUTIFUL things to work in your heart, or maybe He has to work in the heart of someone else before His promise can come to fruition.

Us humans are messy messes. And life takes time. And in that time God calls for devotion and trust from us.

Can you trust God while you wait? I know I am learning to daily. But He is clothing me in Peace and Patience…

Also He is clothing me in Joy. I thought I would leave that nugget until the end for you. Joy. The type of Joy that overwhelms all of who you are. The type of Joy that rejuvenates every bit of your being. Yes. While you wait on Him, that is what He is offering…

Talk about the best reading material ever… Joy… If you have ever sat in a doctor’s office and glanced at the magazines and were bored just by the covers of the magazines. Think of it like that. Except that in HIS office God wants that experience to be unbelievably JOYFUL. Every one of those magazines overwhelms your senses because they are all just so very very very very interesting and exciting. Everything in that doctor’s office is more vibrant and full of life. You cannot stop smiling and now EVERYONE around you is smiling too.

Yea, that kind of Joy.

I am praying for you my dear readers. You are loved.

Much Love


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