I will be spending the next few days with as much of my time and energy focused on intentionally being with God. I have felt, well I guess, convicted. Or you can say led. Either one is appropriate.

Life has been all stirred up lately. Just ask some of my friends. Life has been, well life has been crazy and it has all been a grandeur orchestra organized and conducted by the One True God.

I can say that with complete discernment and confidence.

So in all this I realize that for this not to just be a spiritual mountain top experience I must honor all that is happening and devout as much down time specifically to growing in Faith.

I am not entirely even sure what I am writing about right now. I am just unbelievably grateful for the love poured over me by my maker, creator, redeemer, restorer, and healer.

I am overjoyed.

I will be writing a lot these next few days. Hopefully that is good news for most of you.

Praise be to God.

And as always dear friends.

Much Love


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