A Thought, A Word, A Phrase

So I have been pretty sick the last couple of days, my body does NOT do well when I am sick. But I am blessed with wonderful friends and family who have encouraged and helped me out. I am pretty darn grateful for these people in my life. Seriously, I am one lucky fellow.

With that being said, I have been feeling a little bit better for the last twenty minutes or so (lets hope it lasts) and I had a thought as I was washing some dishes and picking up an excessively dirty dorm room. I would like to share this thought if that is okay.

So as I have said in my previous post I have had a lot of unknowns popping up in my life of late. So I made it my goal this week to control what I can in my life. Now, that sounds a little possessive and sounds like I am lacking humility, but this was less about me controlling things and more about being productive rather than stagnant and complacent. So this week was good and I got some solid answers to some issues that I feel like have been plaguing me for weeks. Of course with every answer it seems another question came up in my head, but we can talk about that another time. (I can be like a toddler asking “Why” sometimes)

Back to the present: As I was cleaning up I thought back on this week and then thought back about this semester. It is important to understand that I am currently still midst a few different struggles and unknowns in my life, but I reflected as if that storm had passed.

A single thought crossed my mind: No matter how tough it has been. I have learned more than I will ever be able to put into words.

I want to so badly say that it all has been a waste of my time and effort. But, I know that is untrue. So my point in writing this post is to ask of my readers to do something outside of their human nature.

Find gratefulness from the most sour moments. Its there and life is a learning experience. I am so grateful for what I have learned these last few months.

As always,

Much Love


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