Well this blog is called Discernment and Other DISTRACTIONS. So I might as well write about distractions today. It is funny, I am at this very moment in time looking for a distraction from working on my book. So I am writing a blog.

It has been over a month since I have last written on this blog. It has been over a month since I have written a poem. It has been over a month since I have written in my journal. I have come up with hundreds of excuses and distractions to prevent myself from writing. I am not sure why but ever since I left Colorado I have just not had the desire to plow into my faith and write.

Writing for me is as much spiritual as it is emotional. So it is silly for me not to partake in such an important activity. Even as I am making progress on my book I am clawing up the walls like it is a painful effort and not enjoyable. I will have to spend time trying to understand why exactly I am slowing down my own progress and success.

But back to distractions. Distractions are not always all bad. The intentional ones tend to be a waste of time but the ones that just pop up out of nowhere are the ones that I am a little more concerned with.

It is funny to me that just when you have your life all planned out. The moments when you feel like everything is finally organized. The times where you can see a bright and promising future that you have single-handedly created. It is funny to me when unexpected distractions rear their nasty little heads and throw our plans against the wall.

These distractions come in all shapes and sizes. They can be emotional, relational, fiscal, physical, spiritual, spatial, circumstantial and so on. These little buggers can be the most stress-bearing  pieces of life you ever experience.

I think we need to learn to love the little guys though. Stop seeing them as a burden and start perceiving them for the opportunities that they may hold. Chances for growth, moments for change, opportunities to prosper. Once again I must reference Jeremiah 29:11.

God has got His plans for you. Not to plague you. Not to harm to. But to prosper you.

Work a little harder. Smiler a little broader. Laugh a little louder. Cry a little stronger.

Let go of your over worked plans. Be content where you are. Be excited when the horizon looks dim. When those little distractions present themselves. Welcome them with an overpowering hug, never forgetting to love.

Whatever the distraction do not let it distract you from who you are.

Until another unexpected distraction appears I will work hard to stop creating intentional distractions to detour my current goals and focus.

Much Love


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