Focusing on the End

I wrote this poem for my Symposium presentation to end my semester at Focus Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs:

Here we are at the end of another chapter

Hours are slipping into days

Days have all turned into night

Growth and experience abound

Truth has penetrated the essence of all things.

The sun has risen on all of his lies.

Light has captured a picture of reality

A call has been trumpeted.

A desire has been given

To serve as well as be served.

A form so broken, could never be this strong

A flawed person could not be this whole.

Insecurities and inconsistencies have plagued

My being for far too long.

First and last coincide. I see now the congruence of it all.

It is as a son I am seen, my identity redeemed

Years will be spent on the ground reaching for help.

Months will be lost; face buried in my palms

Eternity has been found, Only community will surround.

The question of why has dissipated, evaporated into the still air

What remains is what will happen next.

Fears and anxiety will take rest as confidence finds its place.

My story is still unfolding. This tale is not quite finished.

Stand close. Arms and lives entangled ’til we each meet our conclusion.

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