I am not sure that I have anything to write about today. I am pretty discouraged today. I am in a lot of pain. I am just tired. I do not mean to complain or be sad but I desire to be truthful and honest with my readers.

It astounds me that I just wrote the word “I” that many times in an opening to a blog. What should I make of that? It does not feel okay or right for me to air my issues on this blog. Is my problem today that I am focusing too much on myself? That can’t be true though because I am hurting for others too. Or am I?

Somebody is confused and his name is Matthew. I have some advice to give today. This is advice that Phil Wickham gave in a video online that I had to watch for class. I just added a little more to it.

“It is not about what I can’t do but about what He can do.

It is not about why I can’t but about why He can.” -Phil Wickham and Matt Curcio 😉

Much Love.


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