Its Time For a Group Hug

Why do people make it so hard to love them?

Why do I make it so hard for others to love me?

Why when a tender hand is extended do we smack it away?

I wouldn’t say that this is always the case but so very often people just go out of their way it seems to disregard love from others. Other times people just act stupid. Just plain stupid. They say offensive things, have horrible habits, and are selfish. The sad thing is that I have all the same attributes.

Humans are silly creatures to say the least.

Love is a very complex matter, but it is important to understand that a big part of loving one another is accepting love from other people. So are you making it easy for people to love you? Are you being selfish by not allowing others to love you?

If you want to learn how to love others better try understanding how you would like to be loved. Embrace the love of God. Love Him back as hard as you can. Then love others in the fullest. Forgive what it is about them that you struggle with before they can even ask for forgiveness…then love them.

Love them all.

Much Love


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