Discernment and Distractions

I changed the name of my blog finally. The change was sort of based on this blog but I may change it again. Always be open to change, it is always happening. I spent a week in Rochester with my fellow blogger Nate…quick plug for him (nateforte.wordpress.com) check it out, he is pretty extraordinary…

Well we spent most of the week drinking tea and talking. My favorite way to spend a day. The week challenged me in some pretty amazing ways and revealed some awesome realities. Enough about that though. I want to write about Discernment today. That is right, for once I have a direction from the onset of a blog.

Maybe I shouldn’t have a direction because I started this blog a week ago and am just now finishing…LAMESAUCE!!!

I am listening to Jonsi. This dude’s voice just makes me want to focus and write.


It is extremely hard to discern when you are distracted. Being distracted is so easy though. Even while I am sitting here thinking about the next sentence, my mind is wandering to facebook, the ants in my dorm room, this weekend, my friends, books I need to buy, books I want to read and the fact that Snooki and Vinny hooked-up on the Jersey Shore this week. (just kidding about that last one…or am I)

Something important to note about discerning, though, is that there are different ways to discern. BUT. Ultimately you are discerning in the hopes of feeling and finding God. At the bare basics that is why we try to discern. The funny catch is that we need to rely on God to discern and in that we need to rely on God to find God….Trippy right?

I just realized that I keep talking about discerning but have not truly described what it is. True discernment is a gift from God, simple as that. It can span so many different abilities. Being able to read people’s motives, emotions and spiritual state is one way. The gift to encourage often has a lot to do with discerning, or all to do with it…I haven’t decided yet.

You can discern by seeing or feeling spirits…ooOOoooOOoo creepy right? I am sure there are other ways to discern but all I really have experience with is the creepy yet beautiful spiritual stuff, encouraging and being able to read people.

So as I see it, that categorizes external discernment. But I believe there is also internal discernment. Being able to read yourself and comprehend God’s desires for your life. This I have also experienced.

The Bible often references the need of discernment.  Paul pleads with fellow believers to be slow to action and take the time to discern. I am sure Paul knew this better than anyone: never expect to discern correctly on your own.

What exactly does discernment bring you? Well it is an unmistakable form of ministry. You can learn so much about loving others and yourself through God’s gift of discernment. To a certain extent every single believer can discern. Will every believer have the opportunity to see a demon or angel?  No. Does every person need to see spiritual beings…nope.

Well I have officially lost direction. Now in my hurry to cap off my rambling I want to leave everyone a few ideals.

First, every single believer should be asking for the ability to discern.

Second, realize that it is a gift from God and only through Him can you truly discern.

Third, you can’t just magically discern. You need to be prayerful and slow to action. You need to disregard distractions. Something we should be striving for everyday. To better God’s kingdom and to better our ability to love ourselves, each other and God.

Why did I change the name of my blog? Because God has blessed me with the gift of discernment. I pray that God write  through my fingertips every time I get on this blog. Because I get distracted. always, perpetually and continuously. I am always distracted. If I wasn’t distracted by struggles, society, culture, and the world I would be so much closer to Christ. Then again if I wasn’t distracted I wouldn’t be human.

Remember your Humanity but strive Strive STRIVE to be held tightly in God’s divinity, always.

Much Love


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