Community. Crisis. and Christ.

I hope everyone enjoys the alliteration I have provided them in my title of this entry. I am a geek for alliteration, just in case you are ever thinking of a birthday gift for me, think…alliteration. Just kidding, cash will suffice.

Community, Crisis and Christ. Things I have experienced and will experience time and time again. I don’t really know where I plan to go with this blog but I have noticed that sometimes I just plan too much. We will just have to see what direction God takes my fingertips on their trip across my keyboard.

So we deal with crisis. People in our lives go through pain, stress and turmoil. We, ourselves, go through all of these same emotions from time to time as well. Crisis is never easy, it brings on feelings of desperation, loneliness, anger, depression and so many other negative feelings. But maybe, just maybe it will bring on hope, faith and love.

Finding Hope, Fostering Faith and Feeling Love in times of crisis is possible. It is more than possible, it is promised.

God gave us a lot of things but two things are intended to get us through crisis. They do more than just get us through crisis but man oh! man are they good at helping out in crisis. Those two things are…yes, you guessed it…Christ and Community!!

Christ, you may have heard Him referred to as the Prince of Peace, King of Kings, The Lion and The Lamb or “Perfecter of our Faith”…I like that one the best. He perfects our Faith in God. He rips away sin and offers us salvation. He destroys death and makes a mockery of pain. Christ is the man, basically.

Christ will not ever let anyone go. If you call on Him, if you ask for Him, if you desire Him…He is there. One really cool part about Christ is that when He took on our sin upon His shoulders a couple thousand years ago and was all done with his work….He never left. He is still very much here. Loving, living and thriving in the hearts, spirits, lives of His believers.

The fact that Christ is still hanging around down here on Earth simply creates a way for humans to truly and genuinely connect to each other. Now I am not saying that if you are not a believer in Christ that you can’t relate to other people but I have been on both ends and I promise that when two believers come together with the love, hope and faith of Christ there is not much else to compare to it.

This working together of “Christians” is what we like to call community. Community: the love and support of Christ manifested through other people.

So what does this all have to do with crisis? Simple enough…because of Community, crisis is shared. Thanks to Christ…Crisis becomes a joke.

Crisis is serious, it is life-altering and can be so destructive to so many. Christ doesn’t stand for that. He loves God’s children too much to sit idly by and watch us wander in pity and defeat.

You want to find hope while in crisis? You want to have faith while in crisis? You want to feel love in crisis? Reach your hand out and find Christ. BOOM! You will have all three. He will use His community, He will show His veracious attitude towards the pain you are experiencing. There is a reason Christ is called the Lion. He has more than your back, He has all of you, if you let Him.

I am not quite sure what else to write on this matter so I will stop here. Keep praying. Keep living. Keep loving.

Much Love


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