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Titles often capture an aspect of storytelling that an Author does not wish to share with his or her audience.  At least that is what a good friend assures me. So anytime you read a book or hear a song with a title that seems disconnected from what is being read, it is possibly for personal reasons. If I write a blog, I am sharing myself with people I do not even know but if I throw a strange title on that clutter of words then I can retain a personal connection and claim to what I had just shared.

…I am not sure what any of this has to do with anything in life…

Nathan J Forte visited Eastern University this weekend. It was a grand time. We went to the Jersey shore, ate white castle, listened to good music and talked….and talked. I missed him. We have never stopped talking, but man was this a refresher. A reminder of times past, and a hope and longing for future interactions. Now this blog is not a Journal so I am not going to spill about what Nate and I talked about or about the weekend at all. Those things are all my pieces to hold onto privately for now. This is still a place for my musings and philosophical mumbo-jumbo, so that is what I will do.

It is important to be spiritually challenged. For some people it is easier to be challenged than others. That is just how it is. It tends to be harder for me to be challenged, that is not to say anything about my personal relationship with God but just how it is for me.

I much rather worry about how I am loving people and loving God than how God works. I have of recent time become complacent within my walls of loving people and God though. That is how I function spiritually. I have found the shore line and am hesitant to step out into the crashing waves. Catching the salty wetness with my face as it sprays me from the shore line just makes my skin crawl with fear.

Sitting at the edge of the water is terribly boring and lonely though. The people on the edge with you are boring because they are in the same boat, but those people out in the water…Man oh man do I envy them.

Sitting at the edge leaves you to feel really confused about who you are and how you and other people should interact. A real broken understanding of reality as far as I am concerned.

So my suggestion…dive right in. Find those people fighting the waves and fight along side them all. Question you faith, search for knowledge, love people and love God. Collaborate because it will be exhausting but oh so sweet after you get past each wave.

Whether you are on the beach just relaxing or in the Ocean getting knocked around you are with God. Just do not sit on the uncertainty of edge, that is luke warm. God is with you no matter what but be your own advocate and proponent for Spiritual Growth.

That is that for now. Find those to challenge you. Share yourself with them.

Much Love


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