Homework and Heartwork

Empty, every corridor dances with dust

Broken, this beat skips on

Cold, paralyzing everything else

Pain, stabbing and controlling the mind

Lonely, leaving no trace of comfort

Five words that I have associated with my heart. Read the poem how you wish. Take from it what you want. Leave me what you will, I hope there is none. I am drained and exhausted, today was long. If you take out the five beginning words to each line in the poem and just read what is left tell me what you think. Title the poem with whatever thing, experience, struggle in your own life has a similar affect on your life. Whether it be sin, loss, confusion…we all have felt it. This one is for you. Recognize what you are going through and toss it to the wind. Nothing deserves this much power over you. Whoever “you” maybe, Christ is there waiting for you, let it go.

My heart is troubled tonight. I pray that there is an answer soon.

Much Love


One thought on “Homework and Heartwork

  1. Corridors will forever dance with dust,
    The existence of dirt in this world is a must.

    Eternally, this beat will skip on,
    It will skip like the rotator cuffs in the shoulder of Papelbon.

    Everything else will be paralyzed,
    Until we learn that the world is skewed when we look through our eyes.

    Stabbed, and controlled the mind is subdued,
    It’s lost it’s power and needs to be renewed.

    It left no trace of comfort,
    Only the scars that show where there is hurt.

    I need to walk back to school so I’m not late for class.

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