Today, Tomorrow, Neverday

I wanted to change my theme on this site, so i did. The new banner is a picture that I took in Nebraska in June of 2008.

Today there is a lady bug crawling on my window, she is annoying….doesn’t she realize that its January and it is winter? Surely she should be dead. Is it wrong for me to call her a she? Oh well. Female or not, to me that is who she will be.

Today, it is gorgeous outside. I sat on a patio and prayed, read, and listened to Jack Johnson. I kept getting distracted by the people on the soccer field’s laughs and squeals of joy. I was consumed by the visible happiness of them all. Not to say I wasn’t happy, it just captivated my thoughts. What were each individual struggling with, what are they actually thinking about, what are they getting out of being outside and playing with other people? All questions I asked myself and God.

Today I am laughing about the fact that my dorm room must have been made for stalkers. Now that I am back inside I am overhearing funny conversations about, “what she said” It was warmer outside and I am just getting the breeze with the windows open. Oh well. When I was outside I had a chill run up my back every time the Sun popped out from hiding behind a cloud or two.

Today, I have no clue what I am doing, I am just writing to write. My friend is visiting campus, maybe I can persuade him to come to Eastern University as I listen to The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Higher Ground” Which only makes me think of “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie”, which I watched last night.

Today I am hungry, what a surprise. Tomorrow I have classes and Yesterday is no more.

Yesterday was a lot of fun but it is in the past, never really to be relived. Tomorrow (aside from classes) has yet to be lived and is thriving with abundant life.

Tomorrow I will never entice an alligator to do ballet, I will never do three back-flips and destroy Ivan Ooze to save the planet.

Tomorrow I will never scale a mountain or surf across the ocean. I will never drive my car to Hawaii’

So here is the question: What will I do tomorrow? Or will I get lost in the dismal reality of impossibilities. Will tomorrow just become another Neverday. Let’s hope not.


Much Love

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