In Search of Comfort

So circumstances, mindsets and relationships can often leave a person lost in what to do next. More often, when we are presented with a problem we realize there is no immediate solution to be applied to our situation. Thus, we are lost and overwhelmed in a depressing state of existence. The question I am pondering is how exactly to live your life even in the pain of confusion. To be more specific I am not only pondering this question but dealing with it first hand, where can I pull comfort from when everything is a sense of dismal hopelessness.

(A message of encouragement I sent a close friend has helped me open my eyes towards how to deal with waiting for my next part in life.)

“Do what you need to do and all the while Praise God because each day we approach with our hearts focused on what is to be according to His will…we find ourselves closer and closer to the Truth…”

I believe what needs to be practiced is constant praise.

I need to approach each new day praising my Creator  and set my heart on what His will intends for my future to be. I can’t express it enough that whatever God has in store… it will be good! Now simply how do I go about this and how will it effect my mindset.

I truly believe, at least for me, this needs to be a verbal admission of gratefulness towards our Creator. On top of that it is an absolute attitude change. I have to fight my own tendencies to be distracted my my current muddied mess. There is a balance that needs to be found between living in the present and looking for the result. Solutions may seem very far away and sometimes unattainable but God’s Truth is found in His Son. That truth tells me and everyone else that nothing is unattainable. Whatever fight you may be enduring Christ is a constant where comfort is always flowing from.

Be glad in the fact that not every day of your life is a pivotal change on your perception and lifestyle…think how draining that would be? Delight in the down time but do not let it go to waste, challenge yourself to grow and understand more because it is in those down times… where the answers seem so far beyond our brains… that God is preparing us.

Now when you are stuck in your situation, as it seems, and have a sense of urgency then it is all the more vital to change your mindset and praise God for the time you have. A sense of urgency usually means two things: Either God is preparing you for something important to take on or He is doing some preventative work.

Something pertinent to understand is that you cannot give up on the search for a solution. Turn to His word  and express yourself through the gifts and talents that you have been blessed with. It is through those things in which a confidence can be built and a new mindset be sustained.

There is a lot to take in here but it is must be affirmed that God is the Great Comforter. He reveals His comfort in various aspects of our lives. I know that personally Christ is revealed to me everyday through my friendships and I can honestly admit that even in my current situation I am comforted in the fact that my friends are aware of what is going on and are praying with and for me. I don’t deny that there aren’t other ways for us to realize how to implement praising God consistently through the muck of life, it is just up to you to realize what they are.

I am telling myself this repeatedly and so I will put it down in writing… Do not be afraid to be still even when urgency is apparent. Let Christ lead your way. Be reverent. Take alone time with God and His Word as much as possible. Lean on the relationships that He has blessed you with. Gratefully use your gifts and talents.  Give praise, give praise, give praise even when your heart feels cold and your pain deep. Turn your heart to where God’s will has you headed the Truth will become closer and closer before you even realize it.

Live life By His Grace which will suffice, and through Faith in God’s Truth.

Much Love

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