About Me


Welcome to my site!

My name is Matt Curcio. As my site’s tagline says I am a speaker, writer and advocate. This site is where I do the majority of my public writing, but you will also find links to my YouTube channel and a place to schedule me to speak at your next event.

A bit about myself: I have lived in five different states in the last few years. I am very Italian, I am in love with writing, I am married to the love of my life, I am a fervent follower of Christ and I am physically disabled.

While my disability does not entirely encompass who I am, it is impossible to separate my experience as a disabled person from my worldview. My faith, my thoughts, and my relationships are all drastically influenced by my disability. I say this to explain that while not everything I post will be about disability specifically, my words will still be influenced by my experience.

If you were to ask my wife or closest friends and family, I get carried away by many different “passions”. I like to start new projects and out-dream my last dream with a newer and bigger dream. That being said, like any good book, there is a theme that spreads itself throughout all my dreams and projects. That theme is my deep desire to see people claim and live into their God-given potentials. I want people who I meet to find their story, own it and live a life of fulfillment that changes the world around them.

I hope we can journey together on this path to grasp our God-given potential and break open whatever roofs are trying to limit who we are meant to be.

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Matt you write so wonderfully, I am excited to see all the wonderful things you will accomplish with such a great talent… you are a wordsmith!- Sharon

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