30 Days of Writing: Day Six

Day 6.

So today is my biggest challenge by far. I just got home from being at work for 11 hours and I can barely keep my eyes open. It is only 9pm. But I am roasted.

So I am going to blog for a bit. I’ll use my sassy “New Jersey” writing style for this post. Because, well, I do what I want.

I had some pretty cool conversations today about brokenness. Brokenness in the world systematically, relationally and personally. It was very stimulating conversation.

You would think talk like this would get me down in the dumps. Spending an hour or so discussing sex trafficking and hunger and poverty and racism and murder and divorce and broken trust.

If you were unaware, there is a lot that is broken in the world we reside in. I hate these things. I hate that they exist. But. I am so encouraged tonight.

We often look at how much is wrong with the world and we believe that there is nothing that we can do to help. What I am encouraged about tonight, though, is the contrary to that misguided belief.

I heard multiple voices tonight share what their different ideas of brokenness were and how those realities have affected them personally. As I listened to each person share, I could not get over the fact that God had tooled these people to deal with these aspects of brokenness.

Most of us are afraid to engage with the broken. I know that I am from time to time. And we often label certain things broken that are not, That’s for another conversation though.

What I am trying to say is:

Take some time after reading this extremely short post and think about the brokenness you see and have experienced. Is it possible that you overcame that brokenness or are currently overcoming it so that you can do something about it for someone else?

My English professors gave me the best advice… That was to write my stories like I am trying to save someone’s life. I want everything I write to be a step towards Shalom, a step towards healing, a step towards reconciliation.

But without Christ, my words will never amount to anything. Good thing He is here to stay.

As for me, I know what areas of brokenness I am called to fight. If you look through what I have written over the years I am sure you can pick up the hints along the way.

I have talents and gifts that I believe God has created me with to work on His behalf to heal people and to heal this world. My experiences have taught me what to do with these gifts and talents.

You also have gifts and talents. You are a army waiting to be released. You are powerful and potent. God built you to heal. Healed people heal others. But remember, Christ first. It is His work to do. Through you.

Even if you doubt your ability. Do not waste your time doubting His. Get going. Unleash the potential that God built into your frame.

Much Love


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