Some days hurt more than the last and more than the next. Some moments are strung together in history with broken pieces.

Life happens to us in a few ways. We can let it happen to us. Which is of use some times. Other times, other days, other moments, other periods require us to live life. To be proactive.

I am challenging myself and I am challenging you too. Do not be complacent with your pain.

After life happens to you. What will be your response? I know what mine is going to be.

I am going to live. I am going to be more than life tells me I will and can ever be. I am simply, going to succeed.

I hope you can do the same…

Much Love


6 thoughts on “Response.

  1. Proactive pain has been a common topic lately.
    It’s part of this human condition that is forever fighting, never relenting, and always at bat.

    Sometimes circumstances are the ingredients to success. Let these surroundings boil together and watch you’re overcoming happen. Allow your nature which was designed with an incredible resistance to defeat work freely and allow yourself to live in that freedom.

    much love

  2. Matt, I enjoy the sensitivity with which you write, your honesty and openness. The Lord responds to a tender heart. Keep it tender, and you will find joy in Jesus even in the most difficult and painful situations.

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