Its Been Awhile…

No, my title is not referencing the song by Staind.

It has been awhile since I have written anything other than poetry on here. I know why that is though. Understand that the place in life where I am is filled with questions, changes, concerns and growth. Truth for me has simply been difficult for me to blatantly spell out. I have been using poetry to explain the inexplicable. I am not sure how well it has worked but at least I tried, right?

I am currently in need of blunt Truth though. Life has gotten tough and challenging. I am no longer in the safety zone of my home at Eastern University but instead I am a resident of Colorado Springs for this semester. I am only in week one of my semester away and I am already exhausted and have been pushing my body beyond its silly limits. I am being challenged and I am sure the challenges will just grow in numbers and complexities as the days and weeks go by.

In class today we learned in depth about Truth. In its broadest and most specific definitions. I know that the Truth that I know is really real. Enjoy that mash of words? Truth is that overwhelmingly confusing but it is so simplistic in nature. It is refining, redefining, re-energizing.

Here is my Truth. I know I am far from alone in this comprehension and commitment to this Truth.

God is Truth. He is absolute. My life is surrounded and highlighted by Truth. A saving, a redeeming Truth. Truth of Christ. Truth of Beauty. Truth of Life.

I don’t mean to sound preachy but for me to make it through this semester I need to be able to recognize this Truth constantly. I urge you all to  do the same.

Expand on what I have said. Contemplate on what I have meant. Find for yourselves the only absolute Truth. And bask in its Glory.

Much Love


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