Life in a Panini

Roast Beef, Provolone cheese, delicious bread and yummy Horseradish sauce. Every bite I am taking I am tasting a new aspect of life. I am tasting my fears, my insecurities, my anger, my love, my faith, my hope, my desires, and my pain. Each new bite, a new sensation is found.

So you know none of what I am writing is literal. But imagine if it was. Imagine if the clutter of my life could just be categorized into flavors of the day. Imagine of all this world’s distractions all of its muddy messes were as simple as taste. I don’t like the taste of everything. I love the taste of certain things. In that way aspects of life and flavors are the same. I don’t enjoy all of life but I absolutely adore certain parts of life.

Here is the big difference. If I don’t like the way something tastes then I choose not to eat it. I will intentionally find a substitute, something I enjoy more to replace the yuckiness in my mouth.

Life doesn’t work that way. You live out the aspects of life you despise no matter what. Some people, though, pretend that life and flavors are in the same discipline. They ignore those aspects of life they do not want to feel just like they would choose not to eat Wasabi because it is too spicy for them. This is not okay. This is deception. This is deceiving yourself and the ones you love.

How can you ever expect to love others correctly if you ignore the sections of life that are in desperate need for love from others and more importantly Christ. Life is so Complex. Pain, anger, despair, and fear: they are all complex. Why simplify your life, why simplify yourself, why simplify God’s creation?

There is an insurmountable difference between ignoring parts of life and allowing Christ’s love to simplify your heart, your direction and meaning to that of one which glorifies God. That latter one is good. So good. Strive for that. Ask Christ to simplify your mind like that of a Child. Yearn to simply love Christ and love others.

You will never do either correctly though if you are degrading your own existence and not allowing God’s Grace to do its work in your life. You want to simplify your life? You want to only burn with a passion for Christ? You want to move your heart away from the worldly?

THEN allow Christ to encompass your life. Let him take it. Take it all. EVERY piece.  Acknowledge it exists and let him take it from there, it is his. DO NOT prevent Christ from having all of your life.

I have nothing more to say. I just put chips on my sandwich. Now, that is a new flavor.

Seek Christ out wholly and truly.

Much Love.


One thought on “Life in a Panini

  1. Hey Matt. So if you are going to try to get me to understand and truly consider something theological, a sandwich analogy is pretty much the most perfect way to go. Chocolate may be the only thing that tops it.

    No but really, I loved this post and the more I grow, both spiritually and just aging in general, I see more and more the insights you wrote about here. This was uplifting and challenging, in the great way. 🙂

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