Matt and Kyle’s Dorm Life

Here is me breaking my vow not to turn this blog into a journal. So it is now already May 12th and I am on day three of having a full time position at Eastern University. Well, this job doesn’t take much skill or dedication but it is a time consuming position nonetheless. To add to it I have had a pretty violent cold for my first few days of work, just ask my roommate. All that though is just a matter of circumstance and I am cool with it.

As for living in a dorm room with Mr. Kyle Pegon in a quad on the opposite side of campus as everyone else, it is just plain amazing. We are just starting to get things figured out and find a routine but this is such a great experience for me. I miss North Jersey and my friends, and my family and all my other Eastern friends dearly but I am so grateful for such an awesome opportunity to grow in Faith, and personality.

I was recently asked to count my graces. I did something similar at the end of the spring semester. I wanted to remember the good. Not ignore the bad but uplift the good, as it should be uplifted. I have a lot of good going on in my life, I must say. I know to some this may seem like a silly practice but if you do it genuinely and with sincerity you may find a total mental shift. I am blessed with friends and family and skills and a job and a college and a car and life and a Savior and food and water and clothing. I have more items in my dorm room than I could possibly ever need. Beyond material items, I have fond memories that I choose never to forget and I have a bright future that is absent of regret.

I am living a quaint life right now. Not complacent but calm. I am focusing on my own needs so that I can better meet the needs of others. It is still early in the summer but there is an obvious removal of dramatics and a weight lifted from my shoulders. I am bored but I am relaxed and it is okay. I will continue to be spiritually challenged and work on myself. In whatever personal ways that may be I am changing into who I will be.

Much Love


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