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Apparently it is all the rage in college to force students to create blogs. In two separate classes I am developing two separate and in depth blogs that I have to update weekly. Sad to say, this may restrict my ability or desire to write on my own website here on wordpress. I will try my best to continue to write often but that is pending whether or not my classes this semester suck away my love of writing. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen. I have two blogs up on blogspot for these classes. I will post them both to this site. You can follow along as I use my imagination to B.S. through these assignments. If my Professors see that prior statement, it is a joke so please do not grade me on it.


Much Love

3 thoughts on “Other Blogs

  1. Matt..we will have fun blogging. If you sense you are losing your love for writing tell me and I’ll write your class blogs for you!

    1. They are up on my blog roll…the one for Communications is called In Media Res and the one for English is called Jersey State of Mind…Wordpress is where anything worth reading will probably remain lol

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