Late Night Reflections

If I showed my hands, would you watch them bleed long enough to prove they are indeed in need of mercy?

Jennifer Knapp’s latest lyrics… I could careless about rumors and other such controversy related to this musician…her lyrics are outstanding and her sound is beautiful.

You can feel the pain in her voice as she belts out each impressive note. Why am I relating to this music tonight so well? I am not quite sure.

I have never really understood why I have so easily felt others’ pain. Sometimes from miles away I’ve known a friend was struggling without any notion towards the situation. Call it what you want, but rest assured that others’ pain hurts more than your own sometimes.

I did not sign on tonight with the intentions to write about pain but here I go.

It hurts to watch my friends face decisions with jagged rocks at the bottom of both roads.

It hurts to see the world and its infectious disease of sin pollute the very inhabitants of this planet.

It hurts to have no solution to either problem.

I know all about physical pain, but that is temporary. Temporary, temporary, temporary.

Nothing cuts deeper then those razor blades turned against the mind and the heart.

Pain can seem permanent and can become a constant if you let it.

…And thus another blog where I have lost my thought in the wilderness.

Lay down your pain. Christ is the Healer. He is the One who will never fail. No cut is to deep for him to fill.

This is all I am trying to say. I will salvage any lost thoughts here and bring them back for another day.

Life is tough, it hurts, it rips you down. Allow Him to lift you up.

Its found By Grace and Through Faith.

Much Love

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